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I have been incredibly quiet on the blogging front this year with the opening of the new Monsoon Living shopfront, but some exciting news has come my way and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without sharing it.

You may have heard me mention a business called Stampede Style. The talented girls behind the brand are good friends of mine and we have worked on a few little collaborations together. I wrote a blog post about their business this time last year when they launched, so if you would like to know more just jump onto the link here. But for now I’ll cut to the chase…. Stampede Style launched a huge new body of work around the country earlier today.


Photography by Tim Pascoe & Styling by Pip Harridge

These ‘Limited Edition’ Fine Art Giclée Prints feature the most incredible bird series from renowned Hunter based artist and illustrator Andrew Howells and Sydney based artist Nayana Iliffe. Nayana has recently partnered with the Stampede Style team to add a vibrant selection of feathered beauties to the new collection. Each of Nayana’s illustrations are hand drawn using pencils.  Her work encapsulates both the spirit and beauty of her subject through her fine detail and vibrant palette. She also happens to be a finalist in the 2016 Australia and New Zealand Etsy Design Awards, so if you love her work and want to give her your vote head over to Etsy and you’ll find her listed as a finalist under Art, Illustration and Paper Design.


Photography by Tim Pascoe & Styling by Pip Harridge

And last but certainly not least, Californian based film photographer Lane Dittoe has partnered with the girls from Stampede Style to bring to Australia a selection of his Dakota mustangs as limited edition fine art prints. Lanes photography of wild horses from the West are both beautiful and striking.

STYLED_Mustang 2STYLED_Mustang 1STYLED_Mustang 3

Photography by Tim Pascoe & Styling by Pip Harridge

Released online today, the new Limited Edition Collections include a Major Mitchell, Black Cockatoo, Peacock and Peahen, Tawny Frogmouth, Boobook Owl, Barn Owl, Flamingo, Stalk, Heron and the Crow; along with four wild horse photographs from Dakota USA.

If you are looking for amazing new art to transform your space then Stampede Style is well worth a visit!


Photography by Tim Pascoe & Styling by Pip Harridge

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